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Top 5 productive Android apps to install in your phone


Android apps have gone beyond playing games and listening to music. Below this dangeeks article, I will show you the top 5 productive Android apps to install on your phone to increase your productivity.

As we all know that Android apps have evolved in recent time, they have become full of great apps that solve one problem and the other below are the top 5 android apps to install on your phone and the link provided to download them.

1. Google keep note: This is an amazing android app for talking notes not only that you can set a reminder for a specific event. It is a google app, and have sync features that enable you to write on your phone and still see it on your chrome application for windows and mac when the sync features are enabled. This app is not only good for Student to take lectures, but it also good for bloggers, writers and many more.

The instinct of you losing your write up is very low, if you Signup with your Gmail account your write up can be saved. Accept from this, this android app has others turns of features you can download it hear another alternative to this is Evernote.

2. VLC media player: This is an important multimedia android app use for playing videos and audio. According to scientist one of the ways to improve your productivity is to listen to educating podcast, audiobook, and watch educative Videos. VLC android app does this better, it has the capability to play just about any video and audio you choose to play. Except for this, it has the features to play online videos faster without downloading, all you have to do is to copy the video link and paste it into the online video player.

Another great feature VLC media player have is the playlist options this help you to organize your audios and videos in different categories. You can download the VLC media player Android app here.

3. ReadEra: This is a very essential Android app for ebook lovers, ReadEra is full of amazing features such as dark mood for night reading, kid mode to keep your kids or your self to stick to finishing a book by setting a password or mathematical calculation if passed you will be given access to read other ebooks you have it help you to stay organise and finish up a book. Another thing about this ebook is that this is totally free no showing of annoying ads and there is a pro version which you pay to help support the developer. You can download the free app here and paid app here.

4. Whatsapp: This is an engaging android app that helps you connect with friends and family. It has been known that connecting with friends and family brings more creativity and productivity. Except form this Whatsapp have other turns of features such as the group chat that allows you to chat with more than 2 persons, video calling, voice call, voice chat and so many more. Whatsapp is a great choice when it comes to interest with individuals cause there is a sense of privacy and no annoying ads are showed. You can join your school group chat or create one for them.

Whatsapp have also become a learning means a lot of educative class are being held on WhatsApp, there is a lot when it comes to WhatsApp features you can download it here.

5. Office apps for Android: These are

Microsoft word
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft OneDrive
They are useful android apps for every student, teacher and business professionals they help in-text editing, data representation and other turns of features.

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