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How to schedule power of and on your Android phone.


How to schedule power OFF and ON your Android phone.

One of Android coolest features is the ability to power off and on at a specific time by it own at a set time period by the stander user or owner.

This page covers full information on this greeks tutorial , a video is added on this page for easy reference.

What to know.

This Android features was added in Android and is compatible to all Android phone, this allow Android user the ability to power off and on their phone at a specific time, hand free and with a duration.

Step 1 out of 5

Find the Android setting on your phone.

Android setting can be found on your app drawer, home page or notification bar ,Click on it

2. Step 2 out of 5

Find the schedule power off and on.

To find it go to more settings on your setting menus.
Look for power management or power machine
The best way to find it is to search for
Schedule power off and on, or power management on the search bar on the settings desired option and
Whether too on or off .

Step 4 out of 5

Power OFF

To power OFF choose the power off option.
set the time e.g 02:00 am . This tells the phone to power off st 02:00 am.
set the power OFF day e.g


Choose your preferred day, e.g monday
we only power off at 02.00 am on Mondays, you can think multiple options
Tinking all option mean everyday.

Step 5 out of 5

Power ON

Select schedule power on , select the time and day then click ok, and that how to schedule power on.

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