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How to check if your laptop can run windows 11


Microsoft new window, Windows 11 would be unveiling soon to the public. The window would come for Free as an update for windows 10 users.
Since the anoucement, Microsoft have release the condition to be able to run windows 11 smoothly. This article would guide you on how to check if your laptop can run windows 11.

To be able to run windows 11 microsoft release some setten features your laptop must process to run windows 11 smoothly.

1. Having a 1 gigerbyte processor or more.

How to check your processor gigerbyte

Simply select the folder tab, right click on MY PC option and select properties their you can see your pc gigerbyte, ram memory and storage.

2. 4 gig of RAMs or more.
To check the RAM of your pc,

open the folder tab and right click this pc.
Select properties
You would see your pc RAM size in the bar that pop out.

3. 64 gigerbyte storage or more.
To check your pc storage, open the folder tab and select my pc. You would see local disk that your storage. Check the inception written there.

4. Your pc should have a Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

The Trusted Platform Module referred to as a TPM Chip that stores integrated cryptographic keys.


First is to open TPM management tool.

To do that you you Search for TPM.msc. on the search box on the windows task bar and open the TMP.

If you got a view with TPM management tool your Computer does have a TPM Chip. Make sure your TPM is version 2, Version 1 would not be supported when Microsoft release windows 11. Otherwise your you would need to get a new laptop that supports windows 11.

To check which version your TPM is currently. Go back to the TPM management box and check the TMP manage box. Check out the last listed items that where you can see your TMP setting.

If you are have problem following the guide above you can download the health checker app by microsoft to check if your pc meet the requirements without stressing your self to do that.

Copy this address and paste on your web browser, to download the Microsoft pc health check app.


After that download, the app it completely secure and made by microsoft. When you have finished downloading it. Open the app and run it.

Once you have open the pc health check app, various information on your computer would show. Select the check now button to see if your computer meet the requirements. If it can, it we give you a message telling you this PC can run windows 11. If not it will tell you it can’t.

The release date for the public use of windows 11 is not out, although it is sayed to out of late October. Keep touch with us for more updates.

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